Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2012 Election

I know it's only 2010, but the talk of the 2012 election is rampant and the beginnings of campaigning for it will be at the earliest late this year maybe early 2011. As you know, the wonderful Sarah Palin confirmed that as of now, she is planning on running for the 2012 ticket; however, she says that if another Republican steps up that she believes will offer more to America, then she will step out of their way. Also, Bob McDonnel kind of hinted to one of my friend's parents (who were the photographers hired for his Governor election and the events surrounding his inauguration) that if he did run in 2012 and he won, then he would hire them again to do his Presidential election. I think that they are both going to run for office, and one of them will most likely become the Republican candidate for 2012. If this happens I would hope that the one who is selected will ask the other to be the Vice Presidential candidate. I think either Sarah Palin or Bob McDonnel would make an excellent choice to replace Obama, because...come you really think that he will be re-elected for a second term? If he does I will be EXTREMELY surprised. And I can assure you that I will NOT be voting for Mr. Obama. This brings me to my next point. My last post I talked about respecting Obama. Ok, I think that I can disagree with him and discuss things that he does that I don't like without being disrespectful. Ok, I was just trying to get across that what I'm about to say is not hypocritical. When he ran on the Democratic ticket in '08, I think that the Black community of America saw that a black man was running for office so they decided to vote for him just so we could have a black president, because this would be a great leap foward for black Americans. Don't get me wrong, I fully support having a black president, I despise all that racist crap that people are STILL holding on to. GET OVER IT! I just think that his skin color is the major factor that decided the election. The thing is, now a lot of those people that voted for him are regretting it because of things that he has and will do, mainly in the area of healthcare. And the congress is pretty dumb right now. Did you know that they don't have to follow any national healthcare bills that are passed? They are safe where they are because they are the Congress and they are more important than us. If they were really representitives of us, they would follow the same laws and have the same healthcare as us, then this healthcare bill wouldn't even be in the works anymore. Virginia and other states are currently working on passing laws that say that you won't be required to buy health insurance. What will happen is that if these laws become active and for some strange reason Obama's bill is passed, this will cause a Constitutional crisis. Either the states are going to sue Congress or Congress is going to sue the states which pass the laws. I'll look foward to seeing how this all plays out, and GUESS WHAT! I'm going to just be entering the political arena when this all comes in to motion.


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