Monday, March 29, 2010

Off To Jolly Old England

Ok Internet...I'm mere hours away from flying off to England!!! I cannot wait! I've been going over my packed things again and again tonight making sure that I have everything. Our flight leaves from Newport News at about 3pm tomorrow and we fly up to Philadelphia where we are on about a 5.5 to 6 hour layover. We might get to go out and explore the city a little. I'm hoping to get to go to my favorite cheesesteak place in Liberty Square at the Bourse. Stay tuned for pictures because I will put some up every night if I can! Our flight from Philadelphia to London leaves around 10pm I think and we will be getting to London at about 4:30 our time, around 9:30 in London. Right after we get there we will drive to Oxford to take a tour of Christ Church so we can hang around with Elizabeth and Mom. Also, scenes from several of the Harry Potter movies were filmed in Christ Church! How exciting!!! I'm hoping to be able to tour the Cotswolds, which is what my mom and Mrs. Fletcher did today. They had a personal tour guide named Ginny. They saw all these old buildings with thatched roofs and walked around in the countryside. I am so excited but nervous too because I have never gone out of the country before. Oh well. I'm going to leave you at this. I will attempt to post something whilst in England but I cannot guarantee anything. I will most likely be either sleeping or out somewhere at all hours of the day AND night. Anyways...GOODNIGHT!!!!!!

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